Thursday, September 29, 2016


Been chasing iFlix during my semester break, after this, I'm going to face my horrible internship for 6 months, which I did not expect any freedom since I'm interning in the Auditing department, Especially during the month of January till February. Damn, I won't want to work is this kind of department, I should be in culinary arts making cakes, or in sport science making myself even muscular or buffer, or in drama school acting....

But all of these are just not going to happen on me. I've been through this far, I got to continue no matter how I am hating this kind of office work. Pfft. 

Ok, back to my main topic.
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"Hey readers, Gossip Girl here...!"

Hahahaha! okay, I was just copying how the speaker in gossip girl speaks. 

By the way, this American TV series is kind of the highly recommended one from me, I know I am not anyone who has the right to judge this or recommend, but I found it really gives me a shock in the end.
A rough introduction from me. It talked about love, romance, dramatic scenes, broke ups, but no ghost scene. Last but not least, investigating.
Yes, I've watched it until season 3 and that was very exciting. But before that, I do actually took a peak at the last episodes, and you're gonna get shocked! hahahaha.
It suits to those people who are bored, do no know what sort of video they should watch, like romance kind of video, and of course investigating like the Miami's MBI series, etc.
Gossip Girl is able to watch in iFlix. 

Oh yes, this TV series had like 121 episodes in 6 seasons, each episodes has about 40 minutes (exclude the fast forward part at the front). There are too much character to introduce, but the main character is Serena Van Der Woodsen, Dan Humphrey, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, and of course, the gossip girl.
There are also sub-main characters, where you guys can search on google! Haha!
Okay, that was the end of this TV series

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2 Broke girls.

The main characters are Max Black and Caroline Channing.

Before I start my introduction, I should named my children's English name with one of the TV series that I've watched. Their name Are creative and AWESOME!

This is an entertainment TV series which is something almost like F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Their every single conversation are full of insulting, joking around with little serious conversations between them, especially Max Black. She's a character almost like ME.
And I'm actually looking for a girl like Caroline Channing, whom I can insult on every single day without hating me.

But the other characters inside really makes me wanna punch them. It is because they way they talk, and the way they acted really....They owe me a punch! hahahaha! just kidding, but by the time you watched this series, you know how I felt!

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