Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The realization

Hey readers! Or should I said the spirit/soul readers?

Had my internship for 2 months and what I actually learnt is not only about the job scope that I am doing right now but to understand more how people live their life.
However, there may be some of them that had set their own future goals within them, maybe to become a future director? or an audit partner? They may thought of that.

there are really many kinds of personalities in this world.
Some of them will not smile at the people who served them,
Some of them gets frustrated easily.
Some of them may think that they have the rank in this job, they could control the lower level staff.
Some of them like to work over night to prove that they are reliable enough to be promoted.

In this country, most of us do not really have the courage to sound out their own opinion, not like the western countries where they have the so called freedom of speech...That is why working life here will be so following to the rules and regulation of the company. I know consistency is important. Too consistent may make a people go uneasy.

Well...Work doesn't really help a professional to have a better life.
Got tricked by the adults where they always said study till degree or higher so you're able to find a better job.

I don't find this job to be as good as the sweepers who sweeps the rubbish beside the road. The only difference is that they stays under the sun, and we were staying in the aircond room enjoying the aircond. But with the workload, you won't even care abou the aircond because you task distracts you form office back to home.


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